Chester Township

Zoning Commission

About The

Zoning Commission

The Chester Township Zoning Commission meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Town Hall. The Zoning Commission constantly reviews the Zoning Resolution, and receive input from all sources, from within the township, from the County, beyond the County, and land use seminars. They study and research the input before making recommendations on possible changes and modifications to the Resolution before the Township Trustees. The Commission is made up of five township residents and up to two alternates, each appointed for a term of five years, one each year, by the Township Trustees.  A secretary appointed by the Commission for the main purpose of taking meeting minutes and handling administrative duties for the commission.

Meet Your

Zoning Commission Members

Current Zoning Commission Members
Jonathan Oswick, Chair
Michael Lauro, Vice-Chair
Andrew Chess
Sergey Kats
Anthony Peto