Recycling Park

Chester Township

New Recycle Park Hours begin next week: 7AM until Dusk!

The recycling park is a dedicated space where people can bring their recyclable waste for proper disposal and recycling. The park is designed to encourage the proper disposal of waste and to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

To ensure the safety of our citizens, Security Cameras are always recording. Littering is strictly prohibited, and violators will be prosecuted pursuant to O.R.C 3767.32.

Please place only recycle materials in the appropriate bins provided.



Chester Township is very proud of our partnership with the Geauga Trumbull Solid Management Team and their support of our Recycling Program via the Go Green Grants! Please use the link below to visit their web site and learn what other programs and special collection events are available to our Community!

Recycle Park Events

Recycle Park Events

Reducing Waste, Extending Access

Recycle Park Hours of Operation

Please do not leave your recyclables in plastic grocery bags – they require a different collection system and processing equipment than many recycling centers provide. Many grocery stores (including Chesterland Giant Eagle) have collection bins specifically geared toward plastic grocery bags.

Chester Recycle Park, located at 12535 Chillicothe Road, will be accessible from 7:00 AM until Dusk (M-F) and from 8AM to Dusk on the weekends. Bins are currently emptied four times per week, and the Park is closed when the bins are full, in order to minimize windblown trash. Never leave your recycling anywhere on the ground!

Please remember, Chester Township receives revenue for paper and cardboard that is placed into the “paper only” bins on the right-hand side of the recycle drive.  If you are able to segregate your paper/cardboard from other recyclables, it is appreciated.