Fire Chief

A Message from Chief William Shaw

From the Chief

Welcome to a New Year. I hope 2023 was a safe and healthy year for you.

Many people resolve to make some beneficial changes when the New Year starts. Diets begin, weight loss plans are made and gym memberships increase. Unfortunately, as the year goes on some of those resolutions go by the wayside and are unfulfilled.

I suggest making a simple resolution that you can accomplish in about 10 minutes, you only have to do once, and you don’t have to adjust your diet. This resolution could actually save your life as well. What could be that easy you ask? Simple – installing a smoke detector in your garage.

Last year throughout Geauga County there were a number of fires that began in the garage. Fortunately no one was in the garage so there weren’t any injuries. Unfortunately the fire burned undetected for quite some time which contributed to extensive damage.

By installing a battery operated smoke detector, you increase your chance of limiting the damage if a fire should occur. I hope you can take a few minutes and invest a little time in you and your family’s safety.  Happy New Year!