Road Department

Builders' Instructions

Instructions to Builders and Property Owners Regarding Township Road Right-of-Ways:

The following is a summary of key regulations which govern any work done within the right-of-way limits.

Right-of-Way Limits – Sixty (60) feet overall or thirty (30) feet from the roads centerline. Limits may vary on older Township roads.

Drive Pipes – New installations require a permit from the County Engineer’s Office. Minimum dimensions are twelve (12) inches inside diameter and thirty (30) feet in length. Approved materials are reinforced concrete, corrugated metal or double wall plastic pipe. The use of other materials must be approved by the Road Superintendent.

Driveway Entrances – Access to the roadway is the property owners responsibility. Before dwelling construction begins, the drive entrance must be constructed of a compacted material capable of supporting heavy equipment. It must also be maintained at an elevation equivalent to the road’s edge so the edge will not be broken off. Driveways sloping downward toward the road shall be constructed so surface water drains into the roadside ditch and not onto the road surface. Driveway entrances may not be installed at an elevation higher than the road’s edge. Permanent driveway materials are subject to future removal.

Roadside Ditches – the existing elevation and slope may not be changed in any way. The ditch may be piped if approved by the Road Superintendent. A permit must first be obtained and the installation must adhere to Township regulations.

Obstructions – No plantings, decorative fences, constructed structures, gravel, boulders, posts (wood or steel), logged trees, or other obstructions are permitted within the right-of-way unless approved by the Road Superintendent.

Debris – Trucks shall not drop or track dirt, mud, gravel or other debris on the road surfaces. The hauler will be required to clean such materials from the road surface.

A detailed description of the right-of-way regulations and roadside ditch piping permits can be obtained at the Township Offices, 12701 Chillicothe Road, Chesterland, Ohio 44026.