Park Rules and Regulations

Pursuant to the authority vested in the Board of Trustees of Chester Township, Geauga County, Ohio by Section 505.261 of the Ohio Revised Code, the following rules and regulations are hereby made and adopted for the preservation of good order within and adjacent to parks and reservations of land, and for the protection and preservation of the parks, parkways and other reservations of land under the jurisdiction and control of the Board of Trustees, and of property and natural life therein:

It Shall Be Unlawful:

  1. To enter, use or occupy lands controlled by the Trustees for any purposes when said lands are posted against such entry, use or occupancy as determined by the Board of Trustees.
  2. To destroy, damage or remove any tree, shrub, wildflower or other vegetation or to destroy, damage, deface or remove any Park property.
  3. For any reason, to enter or remain in Parkside Park or its recreation areas between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM; unless such person or persons have received prior advance permission from the Board of Trustees or its authorized agent.
  4. For any person, without written permission of an authorized representative of the Trustees, to sell or solicit business of any nature, or to distribute handbills or other advertising matter, be post signs on any lands, structures, or property; or to use such areas as a base of commercial operations, or to charge admission to any activity.
  5. To use any loudspeaker, public address system or sound amplifying equipment of any kind without a permit issued by an authorized representative of the Board of Trustees; or to operate any motor vehicle, radio, television or any other device in such a manner as to produce excessive noise.
  6. For any person to consume intoxicating liquor, beer, or wine or to use illegal drugs; to be intoxicated or to engage in any violent, abusive, loud, boisterous, vulgar, lewd, wanton, obscene or otherwise disorderly conduct lending to create a breach of the peace or to disturb or annoy others; to lounge, sit or lie upon walkways, passages or steps or to obstruct the free passage of others; to build fires, except in designated places as approved by an authorized representative of the Board of Trustees.
  7. To litter in any park area; or to deposit refuse or waste material in receptacles provided for Park users, which has been accumulated outside of the park area.
  8. For any person to possess a glass container of any kind within the park.
  9. To operate or park a motor vehicle except on roads or designated parking areas; to operate a motor vehicle on any Park road or within any parking lot at a speed exceeding fifteen (15) miles per hour, in an unsafe manner, at a speed greater than that posted, or to disobey traffic signs. When a motor vehicle Is found parked in any Parkside Park area, the registration plate displayed on the motor vehicle shall constitute prima facie evidence that the owner of the vehicle was the person who parked or placed it in the location where it is found.
  10. To operate any off-the-road motor-driven vehicle such as a mini bike, motorcycle, dune mobile, snowmobile, converted snowmobile, amphibious vehicle or any motorized device except on designated roads.
  11. To possess, carry or allow any pet within the Township Park.
  12. To (a.)  carry or have in one’s possession a firearm; (b) shoot an air gun, gas gun, spring-loaded gun or slingshot; or (c) shoot with bow and arrow.
  13. To hunt, trap, kill, wound, capture or intentionally disturb any bird, animal or other wildlife.
  14. To camp without written permit issued by an authorized representative of the Board of Trustees.

Additionally, the following shall apply:

  1. People with permits have priority for date(s) and time(s) designated on the permit.
  2. Children or adults shall not walk or play in the flowerbeds.
  3. Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  4. At the discretion of the Board of Trustees, a surcharge for security/law enforcement may be applied and reviewed on a case by case basis.

For volleyball, the following shall also apply:

  1. Court use is limited to one (1) hour unless there are no people waiting to play.
  2. The volleyball courts shall not be used as a sandbox or litter box.
  3. When pursuing balls into any other area of the Park or neighboring properties, do so in a courteous manner.

At all times, please be respectful of other people and the park facilities.


Whoever violates the Rules and Regulations of Parkside Park shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) for a first time offense; for each subsequent offense such person shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00).

Rev. 05/2017