The Chesterp Township Road Superintendent would like to remind those of us who own property along a Township road that each road exists within the limits of a right-of-way. Most Township right-of-ways are 60 feet in overall width or 30 feet from the centerline of the road. These right-of-ways are established to provide utility companies and government entities an area along our roadways where related repairs or improvements can be performed when these entities deem it necessary. The right-of-way is governed by regulations which are determined by the Board of Trustees and are present in the Township policy manual. One such improvement that is either received with opened arms or met with opposition is the cleaning of roadside ditches. A roadside ditch that has been cleaned to a depth equivalent to the bottom of the drive pipes and at the proper grade provides the drainage that our roads need for long life. The height of the shoulder area is also critical because if the shoulder area is higher than the road surface the water cannot get to the ditch. When this happens the water stays on the road surface or saturates the shoulder area and road bed reducing the life span of the road. In turn, the shoulder area is sometimes cut down to match the elevation of the road surface during the ditching process. All properties along Township roads are subject to these stated drainage improvements as well as many other road related improvements within the confines of the right-of-way. These repairs or improvements can be done at any time and do not require property owner permission or notification, although some attempts are made. If road related repairs or improvements are performed in the right-of-way along the frontage of your property, it is not because we want to ruin the esthetics of your property, it is because we believe the work was necessary to maintain the road which you have invested many tax dollars into.